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Frank & Sarah

Welcome to our Destination Wedding


Ramirez In  Love


The Blessing

Frank and Sarah’s Love Story began over a Zoom meeting during the pandemic. But really, you can say it had already begun much earlier, when God worked within them. Frank and Sarah were meant to love each other after a God-appointed time had passed in their lives, and each had grown in a specific way. God prepared Frank and Sarah like He said He would, and they faithfully trusted in His timing for their Love Story to someday begin.  


The time that God allotted them to grow 

before they met was, in itself, the blessing.

First Dates…and Tacos!

From the time Sarah was a little girl, she’d loved the mountains, green trees, and the sound of rushing rivers. For Sarah, it’s the peace and unrestrained serenity of nature that draws her in. So naturally, Frank and Sarah’s first date was a beautiful hike on October 30, 2021.


After the hike, Frank and Sarah drove to where fate would take them – a taco truck! They sat on the hood of Frank’s car eating their mulitas and asada tacos, chatting the night away. As they finished dinner, Frank and Sarah unknowingly began the first evening of the rest of their lives together. Love arrived at a taco truck, no sooner and no later than God’s perfect timing.

Two Halves Made Whole

On January 10th, 2022, Frank asked Sarah to be his girlfriend! Their relationship was sprinkled with cheesy jokes, laughter, and memorable conversations. Every day was becoming better than the last!


Sarah didn’t just dream of a man who would sweep her off her feet. She also wanted a man who would be virtuous, chivalrous, confident, and humble. God answered Sarah’s prayer with Frank: a God-loving man who wanted to glorify Him in daily life. Frank became Sarah’s world. Her favorite person. Her fondest memories. Her new home.


Frank knew Sarah was “The One” on a wintry evening while they decorated his Christmas tree. With jolly carols playing in the background, Frank watched Sarah as she placed ornaments on the tree and talked about how much she loves Christmas. A warm feeling rushed Frank, and with a calm confidence he began to picture his life with Sarah. Things just felt so easy and so normal with her. This was the feeling he’d been searching for.

“Will you marry me?”

May 12, 2022 was a beautiful day in Mammoth Lakes, California. Frank and Sarah went on a sunset hike…but Frank had a plan. In front of a frozen lake, in the presence of mountains and nature, Frank proposed to Sarah. Frank got down on one knee, with a heart in his hand and hope in his heart, and asked for Sarah’s love in return. She said, “Yes!”


In an intimate ceremony on July 10th, 2022, Frank and Sarah got married on the sandy beaches of Laguna Beach. As the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, Frank and Sarah honored their love, faith, and families. Forever.


Frank and Sarah currently live together in Love in Whittier, California, where they continue to create new memories for their Love Story.

Celebrate With Us!

We want you to celebrate this magical moment in our lives with us! 


We invite you to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience with our extended family and friends! We look forward to celebrating #RamirezInLove with you in Cancun, Mexico! See You in the Riviera Maya! 

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The wedding will be held on December 8, 2023.  Wedding guest should plan to be there December 6-10, 2023

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Our destination wedding will be held in beautiful Riviera Maya Mexico. The resort hosting our wedding is all inclusive.



To simplify and ensure best booking options we have partnered with Blessed Travel Vacations.  All bookings must be made through them. 

A Special Invite



Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites

Carretera Chetumal, Privada Juarez Km 309

Playa Paraiso, 77710 Riviera Maya, Q.R.  Mexico

Guest will stay at this location

The entire wedding will be held at this location.

with us


  • Wednesday December 6 - Guests arrive 

  • Thursday December 7 - Fun day to enjoy  the all-inclusive property

  • Friday December 8 - The Wedding

  • Saturday  December 9 - Enjoy beautiful Mexico with the happy couple

  • Sunday December 10 - Return home


Join us

Our beautiful destination wedding will include:

  • Romantic ceremony

  • Cocktail hour

  • Reception

The Wedding Day event ONLY is exclusive to the people Frank & Sarah have invited. The rest of the trip is open for any extra adults and children that would love to tag along.  Guests not invited to the Wedding Day event would not be allowed to the attend the Wedding. 


A block of rooms with special group pricing has been reserved for you at the Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites.   Wedding guests will need to RSVP by August 15 2023, by completing the form below and reserve a room through Blessed Travel Vacations to attend the Ramirez/Orozco wedding.



As our special guests our desire was to make this trip as simple, fun, and as affordable as possible.  Your special travel package will include roundtrip air, ground transportation from Cancun airport, and your hotel stay.  Since this is a 5 star all-inclusive resort your food and drinks are all included.

Fun Fact: Blessed Travel Vacations is family of the Bride!

iberostar beach.jpg

Our Wedding Day

When: Friday, December 8th, 2023 


Ceremony: 5:00 pm - 5:30pm 
Cocktail Hour: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Private Reception: 7:00 pm - 10:00pm


Ceremony: Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites: Beach Venue


Cocktail Hour: Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites: Beach Venue



Wedding Guest Dress Code:
Semiformal / Cocktail Attire 

Beach Spring & Summer Florals 

Vestuario de Boda
Estilo Semiformal / Cóctel 

Aspecto Playa Floral
Colores de Primavera y Verano

Typical Weather in December 83° / 68°

I Do Crew

Meet our friends and family who are walking down the aisle with us!

Salvador Orozco Jr - Father of the Bride

Patricia Orozco - Mother of the Bride

Francisco Ramirez - Father of the Groom

Maria Del Carmen Ramirez - Mother of the Groom


Priscilla Gomez - Matron of Honor

Giselle Naranjo - Maid of Honor

Diana Romero - Maid of Honor

Salma Orozco

Vivian Ramirez

Hannah Sebenaler

Claudia Martinez

May Chang

Sofia Robles

Victoria Robles

Thelma Magallanes


Anthony Bribiesca

Wilmer Rivas

Mickey Miela

Jamie Hiegel

Keegan Knoll

Hector Ramirez - Best Man

Salvador Orozco

David Gomez

image (2).jpeg

Wedding Registry

Your presence is the greatest gift of all. However if it is your wish to bless Sarah & Frank with a gift, a contribution to their honeymoon fund or wedding registry would be greatly appreciated.

Su presencia es el regalo más grande de todos. Sin embargo, si es su deseo bendecir a Frank y Sarah con un regalo, una contribución a su fondo de bodas o luna de miel sería muy apreciada. 






Make Your Trip Extra Special

Here is your chance to make your trip a little extra special by booking an excursion or joining the happy couple on a very special outing.  Riviera Maya has some of the most unique excursions due to its natural resources.   All of our excursions are managed by vetted tour operators that are approved by the Mexican government.

Isla Mujeres
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  • Is the food ok or am I just stuck eating at a buffet?
    Dining a special time experience on a cruise ship. Most dining rooms rival some of the more expensive resturants you have been to. Most times you will find top culinary meals for dinner time, think steaks, seafood and exotci meals. If you want to eat at a buffet, sure go ahead it is pretty good but on a cruise ship you have so many options.
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