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"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus"

-Bruce Lee

Our Blessed for Business offering is exclusively for our business and corporate clients.   With over 30 years of business travel, conventions, corporate retreats, traveling abroad experience we understand the special requirements of business travel.   We have tailored a special corporate program to simplify your travels.   With our extensive database of air, flight, accommodations and car rentals we can make your next business trip a success so that you can focus more on the trip objectives and less about the all the objects of your trip.  

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Business Travel

As fellow business travelers we understand the complexity of trying to coordinate client meetings, car rentals, hotels and trying to find time to rest somewhere in the middle.   Only to do that in a different city the very next day.   Our travel professionals simply the process by coordinating best flights based on your meeting times, ensuring that your accommodations are comfortable and easy to find because after a long day all you want to do is rest.   It is like have your personal travel assistant.

Copy of Blessed Travel (2).png
Copy of Blessed Travel (2).png

Conferences/Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows require a special type of planning skill.  Often it requires multiple staff members traveling from different locations, blocking hotel rooms and arranging transportation.  Our Blessed for Business simplifies the process by creating a simple online form, we will handle all the details and communicate travel with each staff member to ensure they are ready to maximize their conference or trade show. 

Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats can be very beneficial to any organization, it builds comradery, allows staff to share ideas and can really increase morale.   Companies that invest in taking their staff offsite for corporate retreats will increase an employee's relationship with the company.  It also is a great time to introduce new company initiatives and share ideas on growth.  Whether this is a focus group like an annual sales meeting or company wide retreat we have the resources to help you make this event a success.  

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Staff Incentives

Rewarding staff with travel incentives is a great way to develop a culture of excitement.  Rewarding employes with a cruise or all inclusive weekend trip will encourage staff to exceed goals, Our business professionals can develop an incentive plan and take care of the details so that you can simply focus on setting those goals.   Employees that have clear goals and are rewarded for their achievements tend to be better long term employees with higher excitement for their job.

Blessed for Business

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