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-Carew Papritz

"I travel because I become uncomfortable being too comfortable"

Do unboring right

If you are more of an adventurer and want to soak in the culture of far away places or experience places that you have only dreamed about then book your next adventure with Blessed Travel Vacations.   From budget friendly rustic accommodations to full fledge professionally guided tours staying at luxurious accommodations at some of the most iconic locations in the world we have a solution for you.   Utilizing our vast database of preferred travel partners we can help you plan the perfect adventure from calm and relaxing to exhilarating and exotics.  

Adventures by Disney

Enjoy true adventure with a company that knows how to plan and execute a thrilling vacation.   Disney has taken that same passion they have for their theme parks and created dozens of thrilling adventures throughout the world and because it is from Disney every aspect is first class.   From exotic locations like India and South Africa to places closer to home like Utah and Montana (pictured).  We are official Disney Travel Agents so you get the best of both worlds. 

Adventures by Disney Montana

Norway Northern Lights

Between late September and late March, Northern Norway is dark from early afternoon until late morning, and the northern lights frequently soar across the sky.  An amazing sight to be seen or better said experienced.   We have several tours so that you can experience this phenomenon but one of our favorites is to cruise with Hurtigruten.   This trip is for those than want step away from the warm beach and explore in Norway.  

Ultimate Safari Experience

Once you go on one of our authentic safari experiences the local zoo will just not have the same appeal.  While there are many options we can provide you our top pick is this 17 day tour starting in Kenya visiting several national parks where you will experience the "Big 5" -lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo in their natural enviroment.  On day 12 you will visit the famous Serengeti National Park, which is breathtaking.  Most of your meals are included as well as all your accomodations at First Class hotels and park entrances.  This is so much more than a vacation this is a true adventure in the Blessed Travel Vacations kind of way.  

Africa_Kenya 2011 856_SP.JPG
South America_Machu_Picchu4.jpg

Peru Splendors with Peru's Amazon

Step away from ordinary to extra-ordinary with this 12 day epic vacation that will take you high into the Andes and deeper inside the Lost City of the Incas to Machu Picchu.  This adventure has a everything, a boat ride through the Amazon jungle, a canoe ride around Lake Sandoval, flight to Lima, tasting of local food, a visit with a local shaman, lots of wildlife, a train ride through the Urubamba Valley and the Sacred Valley.  Most of your meals are included and because you booked with Blessed Travel Vacations your accommodations are first class.

Flavors of China & the Yangtze

If you are looking for something that is culturally enriching then this 14 day tour is perfect for you.  This trip fuses ancient wonders and modern cities in a way that only Blessed Travel Vacations can do.  On this exceptional itinerary you will visit the Great Wall, take a ricksaw ride through Beijing's narrow walkways, a 3-night cruise through the magnificent Three Gorges of the winding, wonderous Yangtze, Asia longest river, learn Chinese calligraphy, visit the Forbidden City and cap it off with a visit to Shanghai.  


European Escape

Europe is such a beautiful place, seems like everywhere you turn it looks like you are looking at picture, but now you can be in that picture.   This European Escape package takes you from Rome, to Florence, to Venice, to Lugano, Switzerland, Lucerne then concludes in Paris.  Through it all you will be guided by an expert tour guide who will take you on a private boat ride, take a scenic drive through the Swiss Alps, get VIP access to iconic locations like the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum.  It does not get any better than this.

Why book a tour with Blessed Travel Vacations?

Dollar Bill in Jar

Save Money

Manually adding all the elements of an adventure tour ala carte can quickly add up.  Blessed Travel Vacations works directly with tour companies to bundle packages making them affordable and much better value.

Trip Planner_edited.jpg

save time

Piecing together all the intricate parts of an adventure tour takes a  LOT of time.   Even with extensive research you may not find the right tour, that is why you can depend on us, we handle all the time consuming stuff so your focus on the fun.


better experience

The goal of your trip is to have an amazing experience.  With so many moving parts to an adventure tour it can easy go wrong.  We focus on the details so you can focus on the experience.


Travel like a pro

Adventure pros will tell you that it is not just one part of the trip that it is important, it is the total trip experience that matters.  To be a pro depend on the pros to to create the perfect experience, that is our TRULYBlessed Promise.

Ready to book?

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